Thanks Daniel for your suggestions.

What I have found are:
1) I'm assuming the key is good. A value of 1947143245 is returned.

2) I have set the permission of the shared memory ("program.SCShared") to
777 octal (full read/write/execute access). The group and owner of the file
is my login ('eclipse'). According to the PHP manual for shmop_open(..), I
do not need to set the 'mode' parameter of this function (eg, to 0777)
because I'm trying to connect to an existing shared memory block. Despite
this, I've tried  setting mode=0777, but errors were generated when I ran
the code. I event tried changing the user and group to 'www-data' with no

3) I added the debug_backtrace and the display result was "array(0) {}"
inserted where debug_backtrace() was added as shown, but I'm not sure what
the result really means:


$shm_key = ftok("/dev/shm/program.SCShared", 't');


if ($shm_key < 0)
echo "\nftok failed. Error message is $php_errormsg <br>";

$shm_id = shmop_open ($shm_key,"w",0,0);

if ($shm_id == FALSE)
echo "\n Shared memory doesnt exists <br>";
echo "\n Shared memory exists <br>";

$shm_size = shmop_size ($shm_id);


echo "\n the size of shared memory is $shm_size <br>";

$shm_data = shmop_read($shm_id, 0, 32);

if ($shm_data == FALSE)
echo "\nCould not read data. : $php_errormsg <br>";
echo "\nRead successful <br>";

echo "\n read1 is $shm_data <br>";

$shm_data = unserialize($shm_data);

echo "\n read2 is $shm_data <br>";

$i = strpos($shm_data, "\0");

if ($i === FALSE)
echo "\n String is NULL <br>";
$result = substr($shm_data, 0, $i);


echo "<br>";


echo "\nDetached from shared memory";



=======RESULT OF CODE====
array(0) { } Shared memory exists
array(0) { } the size of shared memory is 10000
Read successful
read1 is PHP_SM�&'
read2 is
String is NULL
Detached from shared memory

4) The data I expecting to read is "9876.54321" because this is the first
string in memory. A 'cat' of the shared memory is shown:

r...@ts7800:shm# cat program.SCShared

5)  Is there anything else that  can try?


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 11:17 PM, Daniel Brown <> wrote:

> On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 10:15, Richard W <> wrote:
> >
> > Any help will be greatly appreciated, especially answering 2) as to why I
> > can't read the data.
>    Are you certain that the problem lies within the shmop reading?
> Check to see if the file is actually being accessed properly, the key
> is good from your ftok(), etc.  You may also want to make sure that
> things as basic as permissions and 'who created' vs. 'who can read'
> (since you're trying to run it from the web server) match up
> appropriately.
>    With just a cursory glance, the shmop_read() piece itself looks
> fine, which suggests to me that there may be other problems.  See if
> the logs spit anything out, or try to debug the things with an `or
> die("Here's the error.\n");` tacked onto the end of the suspected
> lines.  If it's crashing out, consider a cachegrind or
> debug_backtrace() run.
>    As for the memory being read, I'd agree that it does seem that it
> is, since shm_open() is returning something other than FALSE, but that
> doesn't mean that it's `=== TRUE` either.  It may instead be returning
> a message or another unexpected result that, in empty(), may evaluate
> to TRUE and allow it to echo out the message in your test condition.
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