Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> On 22/5/09 20:31, PJ wrote:
>> They may have different names, but does that change their functionality?
> Potentially, yes!
> A selector including #frame will no longer match if "id" is changed to
> "frame1", and vice versa.
>> They are identical except for the "1" in the title of the id. So, if I
>> change the one id to the other in the same code, I don't understand why
>> the formatting would change?
> These descriptions are still far too vague and ambiguous. Please link
> to two test cases:
> 1) Effectively showing "frame1".
> 2) Effectively showing "frame".
> that illustrate the problem you're talking about.
>> Obviously, the parents and the children
>> have not changed unless there's some weird hanky-panky going on.
> Without seeing test cases, nothing is obvious.
> > Or do I have to make a new css file for every page
> Only if you're doing it wrong. :)
>> And to follow the logic here, if I create a different id and in the
>> end it turns out to be identical to the original "frame" except for the
>> name, shouldn't it function the same.
> That depends on:
> 1) The contents of your CSS file, which I can't see.
> 2) Whether you've made any errors when modifying your HTML, which I
> can't see either.
> If you provided test cases, I could see these things and answer your
> questions.
> Trying to describe the problem rather than /showing/ the problem is
> very inefficient.
> -- 
> Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
Ok, I'm glad the there are some people out there  who want to get down
to the bottom of things.
I can attach or maybe put up a link on a website where you can look at
the code and the css.
But regardless of any test caste, nothing changes the fact that whatever
the html code, whatever the php code, these are sonstant and nothing is
changed. Switch between id frame and id frame1 and things change.
nothnig, I meant, nothing is changed in between. The difference is in
the css, and nothing else.
I'll post the location later tonight or , more likely, tomorrow am.

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