On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 2:58 AM, Ashley Sheridan

> If it's a CSV, I'd recommend using phpMyAdmin directly to import it into
> the database, assuming you are using a MySQL database that is. It's
> using tried and tested code for large files like that.
Tried and true to be what, exactly? Full of security holes and exploits and
promoting bad habits?

Really, if all you need to do for the database is import hte .csv, import it
directly into mysql, from mysql:


And on a related note, you should never, ever use PMA on a production
machine as it's so easy to exploit and hack.  Furthermore, if you use it on
your dev server, you'll get used to managing your database with it and have
trouble using it on the production server.  Take the time to use a real DB
administration app (like SQLyog of the one that comes with KDE) or an IDE
with integrated SQL management (like PDT or Zend Studio or Aptana I think

Bottom line is if you said you used PMA in an interview I had any say in,
I'd never hire you and I'd never work with a developer who was that
uncomfortable with SQL.

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