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Hi Folks,

I would like to know whether you can connect two pages via
an intermediary page. For example if you have main.php, which is a form
whose action is directed to function.php. Function.php process the
information from main.php then displays the result. This can take
roughly 6 seconds or more. Is it possible to create an intermediary page
which alerts the user that the his/her request is being processed in few
then ultimately redirects to function.php (display results).

Any idea shall be appreciated.




Two things:

1. Anytime the user has to wait, provide a notice of what's happening, such as wait gif to let them know something is happening. Here are some examples:

2. Why two scripts? Why not just create a single script?

I often have a single script that simply submits forms to itself and evaluates the contents. If the contents pass inspection, then the script moves on to the next step. If not, then the script shows the user where the problem is and ask for the user to fill the form out correctly.

I often couple this with javascript to provide more immediate interaction with the user, such as checking proper email format, password and password-confirmation being equal, input required fields, and other client-side stuff. This helps with preparing the data before submission. But I ultimately check and validate all incoming data server-side before doing anything important with it.

There's no rule that says everything must be done in separate pages/scripts.

Consider this, use a $step variable and set the initial value to 0. Drop the user into the first form and use a <input type='hidden' name='step' value='1'> within that form.

When the user clicks submit, then $step = $_POST['step'] will equal 1 and process the data submitted via a switch or if statement. If everything is Okay, then continue to the next part. If not, then set $step=0 and start over again.

Some of my forms have up to ten steps and that's the way I do it.




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