I have a site which uses two pages.  The first page generates an HTML
form with multiple rows which is then POSTed to the second page.  Sometimes
on the first page I have to create multiple rows of INPUT fields.  To allow
a dynamic number of INPUT fields (say someone wants to add seven new numbers
to there online address book), set up a while look and echo "<INPUT
TYPE=text NAME=input_field".$inc.">"; where $inc is the incremented variable
in a loop.  The result is something like this:

<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=input_field0>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=input_field1>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=input_field2>

    The difficulty comes when I try to access these variables on the second
page.  Currently I am using a script like this:

 $String = 'input_field'.$inc;

Sometimes my code requires multiple variables and conditions.  When this
happens, using the above code is confusing a lengthy.  Is there a way to
simplify this code at all?

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