Lester Caine wrote:
Casey wrote:
Hi list,

I'm looking for a nice, user (i.e. me) friendly general-purpose IDE,
where most of my work will be done in PHP.

I'm considering using Dreamweaver CS4 as my IDE, where I will disable
most of the WYSIWYG elements and use all of the other features that I
need/want (contextual syntax coloring and project management).

But before I try that, are there any suggestions from all you experts out there?

Eclipse + PHPEclipse and you don't even have to worry about the windows/linux question. Runs transparently on both ( apart from the path differences ) and you can handle all of the extra things such as html, css, phpdoc, xml ... without moving outside the IDE.

second third and forth that - eclipse pdt is the way to go, has a feature set like no other, and you can run your php live inside the IDE with step throughs and break points etc. Also the code templates, source formatting, jump to variable, class, method and code completion really really really makes a huge difference (not to mention it shows you all syntax problems)

dw is decent if you do more html and need the design view - but if your using it purely for the code view then there is no comparison.

alternatively zend studio and netbeans php ide are both strong contenders and feature-full like eclipse pdt.

eclipse though has a much strong community behind it, is pretty much standard for other languages like flex, java, c and has more perspectives and views than you can need.

for a quick start, here's a precompiled pack i made

which is PDT 2 and:
* Zend Executable Debugger Eclipse Plug-in (everything you need to run and debug php scripts within eclipse) * Subversive SVN Connector, Team Provider and SVNKit (everything you need to fully integrate eclipse with SVN) * Mylyn with Bugzilla and Trac Connectors (mylyn is a task manager which integrates in with most bug trackers) * Java Development Tools 3.4.1 - contains support for apache ant (needed for automated building in eclipse, indeed anything useful)
    * all the required dependencies for the above.


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