Thanks for the response so far...

I'm still not sure on how to get the code to start on a new line in the file (yes they 
are text files). Say I wrote variable1 to line one how do I get it to write the next 
variable to line two?

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  On 05-Jul-01 James Bartlett wrote:
  > Hi,
  > Anyone know how I can write and read to different lines in a file rather
  > than just adding to the text already on the first line of the file?
  > Thanks

  Assuming you're talking about text files:

  A. suck the whole thing up in memory, change it there, write it back out.
  B. open a temp, copy till the line of interest, write your change,
     copy remainder. mv/cp the temp to the original.
  C. read to line of interest, ftell(), suck remainder into memory.
     ftruncate(), fseek(), write your changes, write out the remainder.

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