I stuck with strange error. I have following code:
    echo 'BEFORE';
    echo exec("ping -c1 -w1");
    echo 'AFTER';

Address doesn't exist. When execute script from command line everything works fine. But when I go to the file by Firefox it hangs out and apache need to be restart. This is a Virtual Server with PHP Version 5.2.6-pl222-gentoo. When address exists it works fine. Only problem is when it doesn't respond and apache hangs.

I copy file to apache at my local apache and everything works fine. My apache is with Version 5.3.0alpha3-dev at windows XP.

At old server with php4 everything works fine.

I suspect that something wrong is with apache configuration but I don't know it for sure and couldn't find it.

Thank you,
Kamil Walas

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