Hi all,
It is very likely that there is already a framework out there somewhere that
does this, and that my searches are just too primitive to find it.  Please
bear with me.

I would like to structure a site where every page is written in pure XHTML.
 In addition to the standard XHTML tag validation, I would like to reference
a tag library that allows custom "components" to be added to a page.  For
  <h1>Input here</h1>
  <myns:suggestionInputText />

I would then like to use PHP to translate this into XHTML that can be sent
as an HTTP response.  Moreover, I would like to be able to define custom
components using XHTML pages.  The concept comes from Java Facelets.  The
main point here is that PHP generates a minimal amount of XHTML/JavaScript
for each component, while the pieces are put together by running a PHP
program against a pure XHTML file.

Is there already a framework within PHP to do this, or would it require
custom development?

Certainly the possibly implementations are endless, and something like XSLT
would be a natural step towards one.  I am, however, holding out some hope
that a framework already exists, and that I won't need to worry about this.

Thank you,

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