On 5/27/09 10:33 AM, "David Otton" <phpm...@jawbone.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:

> 2009/5/27 Tom Worster <f...@thefsb.org>:
>> without getting into whether or not this cache design makes sense, my
>> question in this example is: what options are there for ending the http
>> transition and then continuing on to do the cache update work?
> You either continue processing then-and-there (exec(), or whatever) or
> you put the job in queue to be dealt with at your leisure.
> The queue is the better solution if you're concerned about processor
> load, as you can prioritise it. The exec() is simpler to implement.

in the absence of a tidy way to close the http connection to the client in
mid-php script, i think the queue will be my better bet. if i use mysql to
implement the queue then i'll have some convenient options for handling it. 

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