On Wed, 2009-05-27 at 13:03 +0200, Grega Leskovsek wrote:
> I have made a CMS with editing files. When I display the file name it
> shows something like "../subdir/filename.php"
> How can I display the actual filename that's on the web: like
> http://localhost/subdir/filename.php or even better if it is possible:
> http://domainname/subdir/filename.php ?
> Thanks in advance, Grega from Slovenia
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> All the Love, Grega Leskov'sek
I assume the file in question is not the one actually running the

You could trim the periods from the filename string, and then attach the
domain prefix:

$prefix = 'http://domainname.com/';
$full_url = $prefix . trim($filename, '.');

Also, a word of warning. You shouldn't really let *anybody* edit a page
in such a way that they can insert their own PHP into a page. It's a
security risk, and should really be avoided if you can at all help it,
even if only for a single user. If you must let them enter simple PHP,
have you thought instead of having them enter something else (like
template-style commands) that can be checked and interpreted by your PHP
code, e.g. they enter this:


and it's replaced by your navbar code. That way, anything your code does
not recognise, is not able to cause any gaping security holes on your


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