Two things:

1. Try using the fully qualified path (ie /var/www/foo/bar.php instead of foo/bar.php) 2. Look at setting up autoloading so you don't need to manually include anyway. If you're going OOP, autoloading is a must!

On May 28, 2009 8:49am, kranthi <> wrote:
i never faced such a problem and i can assure you that it will never

happen. try...






call main.php via AJAX and see the responseText.

many things can go wrong in your coding. dont come to the conclusion

that this particular thing is not working.

i recommend you firebug firefox adddon (just go to the net tab and you

can see all the details of the communication between client and


and i find it helpful to use a standard javascript(jQuery in my case)

library instead of highly limited plain javascript language

and for you case its difficult to comment without seeing your actual code.


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