I have wrote a files-based php system which not requires any kind of
database to work, it is based upon files and directories.

I'm using scandir() to fetch the file names of a directory, when the files
and the directories are in English everything works like a charm, the
problems starting when the files or the directories are in Hebrew.

I tried several encodings for the directory names (including UTF8) but no
luck so far. I always get is_file() === FALSE when the directory name is in
Hebrew and the filename is in English.

Any ideas??

The path which I'm checking with is_file() is:

string(63) "/home/nitsanbn/public_html/iphoneia/walls/מחשבים/1346.jpg"

(Due to the LTR encoding of this messege the filename is looking like it's
in Hebrew, the directory is מחשבים and the filename is 1346.jpg)

Thanks in Advance,

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