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> I had been programming in ASP.NET for years using Object Oriented
> Princeliness but decided to walk away from that.  I am now researching and
> specialising in the open source world.


> I have started to develop a project using MySQL, PHP and OOP.

oh. not walking away from oop after all? sad ;-)

> So far I have
> succeed. However I got stuck once I started implement AJAX using the AJAX
> tutorial from w3schools.com.

if using ajax, i recommend you take a look at jquery. i'm really quite taken
with it. it makes browser-independent ajax much easier.

> What I have discovered is: for some reason when you call a file that
> requires other fies using the REQUIRE or INCLUDE it just does not work. I
> can conform this as I have tested with out the the functions.

i can't imagine a reason why an include would fail because the script was
invoked via XHR. my ajax back-end php scripts use included files. are you
sure this isn't a problem with the include path? to debug you could try
writing ini_get('include_path') to your log file.

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