if you want the current time all you have to do is this.. :)

echo date("l d F, Y g:i A")

that will out put:

Thursday 05 July, 2001 7:52 PM

or whatever time your system is at it will echo it in that format.. hope
that helps!


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Subject: [PHP] Need help with timestamp....

I want to stamp the CURRENT time on my page...

as of right now it's reading


Wednesday 31 December, 1969


i assume im not doing something correctly...

the following is how i have the line written atm

define('SUB_BAR_TITLE', strftime(DATE_FORMAT_LONG, (date ("F d, Y h:i:s

no, i did not write this script, which is the reason i dunno what the heck
im doing -- im curious if anyone has some insight on the problem

Thanks in advance.

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