Hi there,

I am matching text against an array of keywords to detect spam. Unfortunatelly there are some false positives due to the fact that stripos also finds the keyword inside a word.
E.G. "Bewerbung" -> "Werbung"

First thought: use strpos, but this does not help in all cases
Second thought: split text into words and use in_array, but this does not find things like "zu Hause" or "flexible/Arbeit"

Does somebody have an idea on how to make my function better in terms of not detecting the string inside a word? Here is the code:

while ($row = db_get_row($result)){
        $keyword[]      = $row->keyword;
        $weight[]       = $row->weight;
$num_results = db_numrows($result);     

for ($i=0;$i<$num_results;$i++){
        $findme  = $keyword[$i];
        $pos = stripos($data[txt], $findme);
        $pos2 = stripos($data[title], $findme);
        if ($pos !== false OR $pos2 !== false){ // spam!
                $spam_level += $weight[$i];
                $triggered_keywords .= $keyword[$i].', ';
$spam[score] += $spam_level;

Thank you for any help!


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