Hey, I'm looking to start playing with 5.3.0, and thus by extension,
namespaces.  One of the things that I definitely need support for is
autoloading, and the docs aren't exactly explicit in some (obvious to me)

I have an autoloading class that internally handles file-not-found errors
and the like and a set of methods that get registered via
spl_autoload_register.  I'm wondering if there's any way that the autoloader
- which won't exist inside a namespace - can handle classes with the same
name in several different namespaces.  Say, for example, I have three
directories foo/, bar/, and baz/ and each of those corresponds to a
same-named namespace, and each also has a class named ExampleClass.  If I
try to instantate a foo\ExampleClass, does the classname get set in the
autoloader method as "ExampleClass" or "foo\ExampleClass"?  If the former,
is there any way to determine the namespace name so I don't accidentally
autoload bar\ExampleClass or baz\ExampleClass?

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