Hi all. I realize this is more an HTML question than PHP but I'm sure someone 
here can help.

I have several forms with lots (dozens) of text inputs. If the user presses the 
"Update" button I want the form handled by "update.php" but if they press 
"Delete" it needs to be handled by "delete.php" or "add.php" and so-on 
depending on the button they press.

But when establishing the form I can only have <form method="POST" 
action="delete.php"> or "add.php" or whatever.

Is there a way to direct the content of the form do a different handler 
depending on the button?

I know I can use javascript to direct to a constructed URL and append 
?name=smith&address=hishouse&telephone=28376.....and so on but this is not 
practical when there are dozens of entries....the URL becomes massive. I prefer 
to use "POST" and then use PHP to extract the POST array.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated.

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