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> I think that PHP is the best scripting language ever created...I'm currently 
> doing a study of PHP and I want to know how APC can be used to improve PHP 
> performance and how it can be implemented and also if there is someĀ  other 
> alternative other than APC of improving PHP performance ? The problem that I 
> face is that as many requests are made the server is placed under alot of 
> pressure and cannot deal with it....

A large part of the reason PHP is so good at what it does is that
scaling it up on a single, and then to multi-machine sites and from
there to even millions of users is a well understood path.

For APC, if you are running your own server and running a PHP site on
there, if you're not already running APC or a similar caching system
on there, you are just wasting CPU effort.

There are a number of websites already out there that demonstrate the
sort of caching and optimisations that can be performed on a LAMP
stack, both within PHP code (but the various micro-optimisations of
changing quotes and using one kind of array handling over another is
only useful at the most extreme end of optimisations - and if you
wonder if you need them - then you don't).  I'll be writing on the
topic of scaling on my blog soon as well, so it might be useful to
keep an eye on the in the next few weeks as well.

For now, http://google.com/search?q=scaling+PHP will give you a lot of
food for thought.


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