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> I have this line at the end of 1 big php block...
> header('Location: mypage.php?id=' .
> $_SESSION['id'].'&cat='.$_SESSION['cat']);
> It works fine on my dev. Testing server but does not forward on the
> actual
> website....
> Any way to fix this?
> [/snip]
> The first thing that you will want to do is
> echo $_SESSION['id'];
> echo $_SESSION['cat'];
> To see if they contain anything


BTW: I'm a newbie

They seem to be fine - and have proper content

I added this:


If I put this on a page isn't it supposed to override other server setting
and display errors? It's not - This the page is blank - except for the echo

BTW: I found out that Php on server is v5.1.2

Thanks - RevDave
Cool @ hosting4days . com
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