optoma...@rogers.com wrote:
> Everybody has given Angus really great advice in this previous thread
> and I have learned a lot too. I hope no one mines the fork but I am in
> the exact same situation as Angus. If anyone could spare a bit of time
> regarding application infrastructure I would really appreciate it.
> I know there are lots of databases out there and PostgreSQL is held in
> high regard but the overwhelming majority of examples seem to use MySQL.
> Considering that Oracle has bought Sun, do you think it is still wise to
> use it for new applications? Oracle does not have much "street cred" in
> open source circles, maybe they'll cause trouble later and MySQL was
> already forking was it not? I'd like to use the same DB for a few years.
> I am attracted to building an application from scratch but I will never
> get an object relational mapper to work without a framework. If I go the
> scratch route, I'd better get my database done right(as was advised in
> the previous thread!)and getting that right probably starts with
> choosing the right DB.
> Any thoughts?-Patrick

I don't see any problems with MySQL.  I use it (and will continue) or
SQLite for small things.

If Oracle lets MySQL continue as it has, then all is well.  If not, it
is open source now and a group or more than one will fork it and
continue on the tradition.


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