Try to define $FilePath as follows:

$FilePath = 

In this way it should work.

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On 6/3/09 1:41 PM, "Eddie Drapkin" <> wrote:

just initially, and this might be a typo but

$FilePath =

//$BackupPath =

$FilePath has an /output/ that $BackupPath doesn't.

Also, make sure you don't have safe_mode or open_basedir restricting the 
files php can see, although I'm reasonably sure the fact that it's an URL 
should nullify that.  Also, make sure you have allow_url_fopen turned on.

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Miller, Terion 
<> wrote:
I wrote this little script (part of a much much larger one I am working at)
anyways, I am trying to get it to compare a file name from a db to an actual
file in a folder and then tell me if it does or doesn't exist, the problem I
have is that the files do exist, I echo them out, but it says file does not
exist right after that it echos the file for me.... What do I have wrong?

     $FileName = $row['Image'];

      $ImageName = $row['Image'];

      $ImageName = str_replace("/", "", $ImageName);

$FilePath =

//$BackupPath =

if (file_exists($FilePath))  {

echo "The file $ImageName exists";
else {
    echo "The file $ImageName does not exist"  . '<br />';

     $FileName = str_replace("/", "", $FileName);

  $FileName = str_replace(".jpg", "", $FileName);

echo ($FileName) . '<br />';

echo '<img src="' . $FilePath .'">' . '<br />';


Thanks I went through and checked those suggestions and it wasn't any of 

What I am trying to do is to match a file name from a db to the file in the 
folder of images....
Which that part is working I can match them and display them, but it keeps 
telling me they aren't there ...right before it displays...

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