On Wed, 2009-06-03 at 21:58 -0700, Raymond Irving wrote:
> Hi Ashley,
> Thanks for the feedback.  See my comments below:
> > Doesn't work in the majority of browsers out there at the
> > moment. 
> I've tested it in IE7, FF3, Safari3 and Opera9. Which Browsers have you 
> tested it in?
> > For striped tables, you're still better off
> > using server-side code to apply a class to every other row of the
> > table. Pure
> > CSS solutions are not ready
> The zebra example was created using server-side code (Raxan PDI) and can be 
> made to use CSS classes if you so desire:
> $page['table tr:even']->addCSS('row-color');
> $page->reply();
> The above example will generate html tags that can be rendered in all html 
> browsers.
> The Raxan Framework is very flexible enough to allow developers to create 
> just about anything they want. 
> I would recommend that you download the framework and give the examples a try 
> to see how easy it is to create both Ajax and Non-Ajax webpages.
> If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line or post a comment 
> inside the forum.
> __
> Raymond Irving
> Quickly build and maintain PHP Ajax application 
> Raxan PDI - http://raxanpdi.com
I tested in Firefox 2, just showed a plain vanilla table, with no row
colours at all. My guess is, it won't work with IE6 either. These are
the two browsers most common at the moment (as far as my stats go)


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