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Subject: Re: [PHP] how to manage permissions for file uploader

This is fairly simple to do as an http upload. With the folder above the web 
root, it less if an issue since general users can't gain access, a script can 
do all the interaction needed. Plus you can chown the permissions with php


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On Jun 3, 2009, at 17:24, Lamp Lists <lamp.li...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> to upload an image for a photo gallery (my own code) I have to have 
> permission for the directory images 0777.
> but having permission for a directory 0777 is REALLY bad idea, isn't it?
> I'm "owner" of the directory (lamp:lamp images).
> what to do to set my code has permission to upload an image into the images 
> directory and have permissions on the directory 0755?
> I googled for file uploader scripts and classes to se how they handle it but 
> I can't see that part. just file/size/type validation and moving uploaded 
> file to final destination.
> thanks.
> -LL

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But, if I move the directory a level up, not accessable from outside - how can 
read the image since it's not accessable fro outside? I can't inlcude() the 


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