Andrew Ballard wrote:

I just thought I'd toss this out there. Do you know that there is an
effort to remove browser support this attribute (or at least give the
user a browser configuration option to ignore it)?

This article discusses some of the issues involved.

That page says:

"When writing HTML, such authors should declare and validate against a custom doctype including the autocomplete attribute (example HTML document).

However, there is currently no way to trigger the same user agent functionality with an attribute in XHTML. This constitutes an unnecessary obstacle to the adoption of XML-based markup."

That page is wrong.
It took me 10 minutes in google to find a way to do it in xhtml and have the xhtml validate. And I didn't have to use a custom DTD. Only thing I had to do is send the application/xhtml+xml header - which I already send, as that's the proper way to serve xhtml 1.1.

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