Thank you, but this would involve the target (get) page having a bunch of 
stuff in the URL, no? I would like to avoid this if possible, not least 
because it would allow people to go directly to the get page the next time, 
and this would be problematic for my application. Is there a different way 
(that avoids the GET method)?

--Ed Bukhman

"Eric Butera" <> wrote in message
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 2:14 PM, Ed Bukhman <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Could someone suggest the steps needed to troubleshoot the "webpage has
>> expired" issue in IE. I have a self-posting php form which queries and
>> writes to a pgsql database. Occasionally, when an input is entered, the 
>> form
>> never loads and I get this error instead. I do want to make clear that 
>> this
>> has nothing to do with using the back button on the browser, as most
>> instances of this error do. I also cannot reliably reproduce this error 
>> on
>> IE. Sometimes it occurs several times on a specific input, but the next
>> minute the same exact input is processed without any issues. It does seem 
>> to
>> be associated with especially onerous queries that take the (gis) 
>> database a
>> while to process, but sometimes even quick queries cause it.
>> Also, as I mentioned, this only occurs on IE, not on firefox or safari.
>> Feels almost as some kind of a timeout that IE responds to, but I don't 
>> know
>> much about these things and would appreciate any guidance.
>> Best regards,
>> --Ed Bukhman
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