Thanks, you are right.  I used php.exe -v to confirm cgi version.
My query is what parameter do I use to specify host and port? That will have
the same effect as -b in php5.
Sorry if I didn't make it clear.


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in php4,php.exe is the cgi version for default,and php-cli is the cli
in php5,php.exe is the cli version,and php-cgi is the cgi version

i think you can use php.exe instead of php-cgi.exe in php4

2009/6/5 John Fairley <>

I'm running my test server on Windows XP SP3 and have been successfully
running PHP 5 for some time using:

   php-cgi.exe -b

My live server is running on PHP 4.4 and that gives an incompatibility risk
in problem solving.  So I've removed PHP 5 on my test server and have
installed PHP 4.4.9 but I can't find how I set host and port in php.

Running php -v has confirmed that this is the cgi-fcgi version.

I'm sure it's simple but I'm being driven nuts.



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