As usual, thank you for your help.  How do I get it to display in the emails 
only if the boxes are checked?

Thanks again.


"Daniel Brown" <> wrote in message
On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 11:28, Gary<> wrote:
> I have a form script that is not cooperating. When I fill out this form, I
> get the checkbox "yes", but not the checkbox "info" Also, in the message 
> on
> the result page that displays, I get "Yes, send me referral Caaaaaards! at
> the bottom. ( I have spelled card as Ccccccard and Caaaaaard to see where
> they are coming from).

    I got both confirmations on the page, Gary, but in the second echo
block.... do you mean to append it to $msg instead?  Having it echo
out will display it, not add it to the email.

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