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> These is a PHP binding for FFMPEG here:
> http://ffmpeg-php.sourceforge.net/, though most of the tutorials you will
> find are for the C API, for example http://www.dranger.com/ffmpeg/, which
> demonstrates how to implement a media player.

> Personally I would just skip using the API and use the CLI program to
> convert the media, and cache/ serve from the resulting file, much easier
> to implement.


the ffmpeg-php module would be great if it got into PECL and got more
support. right now it has some flaws and is not fully featured. it can
be useful for things like identifying media but i am not sure how well
it would be for conversion and other things. A client of mine had a
conversion script created which leveraged ffmpeg-php for
identification of aspect ratio and other things, but then went to
system() for the conversion calls.

>> I thought of using FFMPEG but I have a bit of experience with it.

system("ffmpeg -i $inputfile output.wav"); i think is really a basic
example. tweak the audio specifics as you wish (man ffmpeg - it's got
a ton of options)

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