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Running these on a Linux server with PHP 5 and Python 2.5.

My problem is this: I have a simple php form that executes a long (~3 minutes) Python script using the 'exec' function from php. The issue is that the browser, I think, 'times out' before the Python script is finished and therefore kills Python and displays no output from Python. After some intense googling, I haven't found an answer, but I found a potential solution that I really want to avoid (manually opening a process that runs in the background, and checking its status until it is complete, then refreshing the web page). I'd much rather find an easier way to do this, and thus I am asking for help either way. If my only option is to open a job and monitor its status, could someone help guide me through coding this? I've tried naïvely doing exec("/path/to/executable arg1 arg2 >> /path/to/logfile 2>&1 &") but it seems as though even this dies when the browser times out. Thanks!


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