Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On Sun, 2009-06-07 at 13:29 +0200, mrfroasty wrote:
Alain Roger wrote:

i'm currently investigating what would be the best solution to develop an
e-commerce web site.
should i use some PHP template engine like smarty or CMS like Joomla, Drupal

thanks a lot,

Joomla +++

Extra details:
OSS:Gentoo Linux
Hardware:msi geforce 8600GT asus p5k-se

As commerce-orientated CMSs go, I've found OSCommerce to be pretty easy
to get to grips with

I had really bad experience with osCommerce.
- I used on several stores in the company I worked for and it happened few times that "fresh" downloaded will be "demaged" - the code is easy to modify because it's writen very simple. but, since there was tons of developers (community) you will find annoying number of stiles the code is written. - easy to modify, but with any modification there is big chance you will not be able to patch/update/upgrade - every time I had an issue I had to wait several days on answers/help on their forum. of course, nobody is paid to help me but if just want to let you know - don't count on forum as fast help.
- simply, my suggestion stay away from osCommerce, CRA and other derivates.

I didn't use (yet), but according research I did, I wold recommend Drupal + Ubercart


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