What exactly is the problem or error message you get?

Also if this is your script, really, it needs a LOT of cleanup!!

Here's an example that could point out the problem:

>      $FileName =
> str_replace(".jpg", "", $FileName);
>      $FileName =
> str_replace("/", "", $ImageName);
>      $FileName = str_replace(".jpg", "",
> $ImageName);
>       //actual path to the files with NO file extension
> as found on the hard drive
>     $SysPath =
> "C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/HarrisAutomate/output/WebImagesHiRes/test/$FileName";

You realize that you have overwritten the value in $FileName a couple
times in a useless manner?
Here you see, $FileName is _just_ equal to str_replace(".jpg", "",
$ImageName); and nothing more, the 2 previous lines are useless.

Also, you do realize that str_replace("/", "", $ImageName);  will just
strip out the slashes from $ImageName?  So if i have
"some/path/to/some/image.jpg", it would become
"somepathtosomeimage.jpg"... is this really what you want?  Same thing
for the str_replace(".jpg"....)  it strips out the extension so that
$Filename would be something like "image" and not "image.jpg".
Finally, $SysPath has forward slashes in the windows path, i'm not
sure how PHP can tolerate this on windows, but windows path use
backslashes ( like this: C:\some\path\to\some\image.jpg).

Good luck!

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