Hi Folks,
I got a problem with an asynochrnous call of another program within a
If the php-script is called a second time, WITH a session (using cookies) it
is blocked
untill the command is finished. (This happens even if I just call a
different script, that uses
the session)

It works absolutely fine, if I dont use sessions (eg. just reject the cooky)

Any sugestions ?

martin harm [EMAIL PROTECTED]

PS: Using PHP.4.0.5 on Linux


// Start of the job
if ($para) {
    $job->logfile = tempnam("/tmp/","LOG_");
    $cmd="nohup perl asyn_proc.pl $para 1> $job->logfile 2>&1 &";
Parameter: <input type=text name="para">
<input type=submit value="Start">

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