I'm at a complete loss... So I'm hoping someone can point me in the
right direction to even start looking.

We have an application written in PHP that lets users send out emails.
The basic process is as follows.

1. Go to "start" screen. (This resets anything currently in process
for the current logged in user)
2. Upload email addresses and other info (Names, etc)
3. Build Email
4. Send

In Step 3 the user can click a "Live Preview" button to see what the
email will look like with the merged data.

Here's the problem,  this works fine in all versions of IE, versions
1.5 or less of FireFox and versions 3 or less of Safari. However,
starting in FireFox 2, and now Safari 4, when you get to step four OR
click the live preview button in step three there is no more data in
the merge. In those browsers the system is acting like the end user
went BACK to the start page (in another window?) and reinitialized all
the data.

I immediately thought it might be pre-fetching so I tried using the
system before and after toggling the network.prefetch-next setting in
about:config with FireFox and restarting the browser. No
luck. So I added code to my reset function to email me the output of
phpinfo() when the reset function is called. Using IE I get 1
notification. Using FF I get two notifications. This reinforces my
theory that FireFox is prefetching the menu item to start a new
mailing (just an <a> link...) from the top of the composer page. Even
still... I've disabled prefetch so it SHOULDN'T even be considering
those links right? I've also tried adding artificial
"?now=<timestamp>" fakes to the end of all menu links since I read
somewhere (don't remember where) that FireFox only prefetches pages
with no query section in the address.

Has anyone run into this behavior before? Any recommendations on how
to stop it? Preferably from the server with code of some sort...

Thanks in advance.


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