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2009/6/12 HELP! <izod...@gmail.com>
> I can not get the stream_get_contents() to work.  it's returning empty.

Is that simply because there's nothing to read from the socket?

> If you have a login details "ALOGINPASS 1A" cant you just fwrite($ft, 
> "ALOGINPASS 1A"); or do you need to add other things

You've not told us what protocol you're using, but a quick google
search seems to indicate that you're trying to send a login request
message for a market data stream.

You appear to using the character 'A' as the request terminator,
whereas market data streams generally use 0x0A, which is a linefeed

If the stream hasn't realised you've finished sending your login
request, then it won't send a response.

> what is the meaning of this string" GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: 
> www.example.com\r\nAccept: */*\r\n\r\n"

It's a HTTP 1.0 GET request, but that doesn't seem to be consistent
with the rest of the data you've mentioned.


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