2009/6/15 Eddie Drapkin <oorza...@gmail.com>:
> Alright, here's the situation.  I'm wrapping memcached, which takes a list
> of several servers, into a quasi-singleton.  In other words, I want only one
> instance per set of servers, not per server.
> Assuming I had three memcached servers at localhost, and
>, I wouldn't want one instance per server, but given that there
> are seven possible permutations of combinations / only one server
> configuration, MemcacheConnector::$instances could be an array with seven
> objects.  I'm expecting MemcacheConnector::getInstance($array) to take an
> array formatted like 'server' => 'port'.
> Thusly, the question then becomes, what's the lightest possible way to store
> a unique-ish array as the key for MemcacheConnector::$instances?  Having
> MemcacheConnector::getInstance() check for
> self::$instances[serialize($serverArray)] seems a huge waste of both ram and
> CPU time.  Is there a better way?

Why not give each set of servers a name? Surely they're grouped
together for a reason, so give that reason a name.



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