Kurrent wrote:

> I am just simply looking for the price of nymex crude future ( see
> http://www.bloomberg.com/energy/).
> Any sources or other idea would be much appreciated. Thanks!

This seems to work:


ini_set("user_agent", "Mozilla/5.0"); 
$page = strip_tags(file_get_contents("http://www.bloomberg.com/energy/";));
$search = "Nymex Crude Future";
$start = strpos($page, $search) + strlen($search);
$price = floatval(substr($page, $start, 5));



It assumes a. the Bloomberg page will stay the same, b. the Nymex price 
will always be 5 characters and c. that this is for private use, because 
Bloomberg is likely going to be very unhappy about you republishing their 

That said, I would personally have no qualms using this for a limited 
scope intranet application for instance.

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