2009/6/16 santel <san...@siscom.it>:
> Hi,
> I have a .php page that use sessions and shows a file .FLV by
> transcoding, on the fly, from any format video to
> FLV using a shell command [ system("/usr/bin/ffmpeg -re -i ./file.wmv -f flv
> -an -sameq -") ].
> In a .php page:
> case 1): if j put a link to any page without session, all is ok;
> case 2): if j put a link to .php page with session -->
>        when j click the link, the link take place only after
>        system() command execution end.
> Is there a way to obtain  case 1) behaviour  also  in case 2)  ?

I may have interpreted your problem incorrectly, but I think your
problem is due to the session data not being saved until the script
has finished running, including the system call. To get around this
you can save and close the session before calling system using the
session_write_close [1] function. Note that after calling that you
won't be able to make any other changes to the session data in that


[1] http://php.net/session_write_close


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