At 11:03 AM -0400 6/16/09, Gary wrote:
I have a client that I have made some forms for.  On one of the forms, their
customers are to registar for a class.  The cost of the class is 195 per
person.  She would like to have the people be able to have the total cost
calculated for them before they submit the form. (I already have the cost
calculated in the email and result page).

I thought about creating a separate form within the original form page that
could calculate the cost, and process it to itself, I suppose I would need
to create a session so all the information in the first form is not wiped

Is there an easier way to do this or is there a way to create this
calculator that changes upon the input instead of clicking a calculate




You could send everything to another form to show the totals, but that's not the most user friendly.

The way I would do it is via javascript, like so:

This populates the totals on the fly so that the customers see's the total as they pick things.

Of course, you still must: 1) re-evaluate what the use submits on the server-side (i.e., never trust client-side for anything); 2) In case that the user does not allow javascript to work, then you have to plan for that and do it on the server-side anyway for graceful degradation.




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