Reference : May we have your permission ?
A visitor to one of our 60 Topical sites has recommended
we contact you, to include your business in the Only-Yellow-Pages Directory.
The information they have provided is :

URL      : e-gineer.com
Category : Florida

Do you feel this would be appropriate and if so, may  we
have permission to give your site a FREE listing ?
Only-Yellow-Pages is the first online GLOBAL Yellow Pages 
Directory covering over 700 cities in over 120 countries, 
EACH with it's own domain and directory.
Entries are displayed on almost 3000 topical and regional web sites 
currently getting over 2 MILLION visitors per month.
We receive numerous submissions like this but will not 
activate ANY without the owner's consent.
May we have your permission to list your site ?
There is no charge.
If you want it listed, please go to :
to choose the design, and enter your information.

Thanking you in anticipation.. 

Tony Alkin

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