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At 2:27 PM -0400 6/16/09, Daniel Brown wrote:
>     You can change the hidden field to a regular text field (even
>disable it from editing), a div, or whatever.  Just don't use the
>price as a hidden field on the production site.  The above code is for
>example only.  Take with food.  Batteries not included.  Cannot be
>combined with any other offer.  See store for details.  May cause
>cancer.  Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant must not use
>this product.  Limit one per customer.  Contains Red Lake #5.  Do not
>operate machinery after consuming.  No pets allowed.  Not responsible
>for lost or misdirected mail.  Contains tree nuts.  Wash before using.
>  Keep out of reach of children.  May cause drowsiness.  Use as
>directed.  While supplies last.  Do not inhale.


Here's mine.

The above code is for example only. No cash value. While supplies 
last. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See store for details. 
Limit one per family. Batteries not included. Use as directed. Women 
who are pregnant or may become pregnant must not use this product. 
May contain Red Dye #1. Take with food. May cause drowsiness. Do not 
operate machinery after consuming. Keep away from pets and out of 
reach of children. If you experience loss of eyesight seek medical 
attention immediately. Keep extremities away from spinning blades. 
Absolutely not responsible for anything at anytime for any reason 

Anyone else?

Isn't it somewhat satisfying to reach the end of the code? After all,
you have taken several moments to peruse and analyze some relatively
simple code. You can either be satisfied or you can have some regret
that you will never get those moments back now that you realize that
there is nothing earth-shattering in the code. It is pretty simple. So
you went on to read the lengthy comments at the bottom of the code and
you realize that it is pure drivel too....but it is too late. Several
more moments have gone by and like a traffic accident on the freeway you
still slow down in hopes that you will see something that will what?
Increase your quality of life?
Get over it.
His Most Royal and Exhaulted Grand Imperial Schmoove Poobah
42 - Electric Boogaloo

P.S. I though about typing a missive long enough to make this a number
of lines of code divisible by 42, but I got over it. I wonder if all of
this could be squeezed into 42 lines of code (and not those really long
lines either)? That would be something, wouldn't it?

P.S.S. You're still here?

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