Hi Everyone, 
Ok, so I've been plunged further into using php by being tasked to use it
with regex (yes tylenol extra strength needed please) So far I have my code
that grabs a full block of text by paragraphs, now I have to somehow write a
snippet that goes inside this block and pulls out each line and puts each
line in a db, the different lines of text are broken with <br> tags so that
should be fairly simple? Right, here is what I have so far, I have played
with some of the regex tester tools online but am not having any luck once
inside the first block, which makes me think I'm doing it wrong.

My wobbley code thus far I know it must have a long way to go:
This grabs everything paragraph by paragraph:
$results = preg_match_all('/<p><font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica,
sans-serif">(.+)<br>(.+)<br>(.+)Critical Violations Found:/imsU');

Now I need to grab each line in the paragraph and am stuck:.....

//---at some point I have to strip the tags off of what will be put in the
$raw = strip_tags($results);

echo $raw; 

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