At 8:43 PM -0400 6/16/09, PJ wrote:
I'm sorry, guys, but I am really getting po'd.
The irresponsible sloppiness and stupidity is just getting to me.

Then stop doing it.

You appear to be mixing apples and oranges in your questions. I find your questions not well thought-out nor to the point. For example, you talk about using a SELECT control and then mix that with using a SELECT statement in MySQL -- no wonder you're confused and are not getting the answers you want.

The art of programming is to identify a problem, take it apart, and then solve it in smaller "easy-to-understand" steps. You can't hope for a big solution that will solve everything. Problems are not like that.

In this thread you asked how to populate an array from a SELECT control and I provided a solution -- here's a link:

But for my efforts, it doesn't seem that you even reviewed what I provided.

Now you ask how to use the select attribute in a SELECT control and here's another solution for you to ignore:

For closure of the thought, you might also review:

You know, part of this Q&A thing is to read/review what's been provided for you and respond to it. Remember, we're trying to help you, not the other way around.




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