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I assume you've looked at array_multisort() for this, I would think you
could have multiple arrays being sorted with it (I've only ever used it for
2-array sorts). The other option would be to pop all those arrays into a
single array and use array_multisort()'s ability to sort

Otherwise Ashley's solution is another possibility; using the keys in the
sorted $d to dictate where you could place the elements in the other arrays.
I'd say you could do a nifty loop system which says sequentially read the
indices in $d and then make a new temp array that is $a, $b or $c (depending
on which you are sorting) in the sorted order then just name the temp array
as the original (again, I'd say array_multisort() is fancier than this crude
but elegant system).

Finally, why not use quicksort or mergesort for the sorting? Bubblesort is
inefficient for large lists...

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