> Here's how I see things:
> say http://mydom.com/cgi-bin/dynsite.pl is the thing that generates the
> html/php code. Make http://mydom.com/index.php contain just this line:
> <? include ("http://mydom.com/cgi-bin/dynsite.pl";) ?>
> This works effectively as a include-virtual SSI directive: it reads from
> http and interprets the stream as php code. I have checked it and it seems
> to work just fine.
> Good luck,
> georgeb

Thanks! That's exactly, what I was looking for!
It works fine on a unix system, but it will create
a error message on IIS (windows). Is there a path,
which allows this also on IIS? I'm developing web-pages
on a windows2000 system with IIS. Later, the pages
gets hosted on a linux system with apache. So, to
test my pages also at home, IIS suport is requiered.

Thanks for your help

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