Ford, Mike wrote:
> On 17 June 2009 14:30, PJ advised:
>> For the moment, I am trying to resolve the problem of
>> extracting a value
>> from a string returned by a query. I thought that in_array() would do
>> it, but the tests I have run on it are 100% negative. The only thing I
>> have not used in the tests is third parameter bool $strict which only
>> affects case-sensitivity if the $needle is a string.
> $strict has nothing whatsoever at all in any way to do with case
> sensitivity -- $strict controls whether the values are compared using
> equality (==) or identity (===) tests. As is stated quite clearly on the
> manual page, in_array() is always case-sensitive. 
>>  This leads me to
>> believe that in_array() is either inappropriately defined in
>> the manual
>> and not effective on associative arrays
> Complete rubbish -- the in_array() manual page is excellent and totally
> accurate, complete with 3 working examples.
I would really like to understand why my attempts to reproduce the first
example just did not work.
Note also that the examples do not show in_array($string, $array)
My array was Array ([0]=>6[1]=>14....), so when I tried if
(in_array($string, $array) , echo $string did not return 14 as I had
expected; neither did if(in_array("14", $array) ... nor if(in_array(14,
$array). It still does not... actually, the screen goes blank.
So, what am I doing wrong?
Here's what is not working... I'm trying to reproduce the example from

$selected = array();
if ( ( $results = mysql_query($sql, $db) ) ) {
  while ( $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($results) ) {
    $selected[] = $row['id'];
$ex = 14;
if (in_array($ex, $selected)
echo "<br />yes";
else echo "<br />no";

Regardless if I put 14 into $ex or "14" or '14' or even if I put the 14
instead of the $ex into the if line, I get a blank screen. It seems tp
me, from what I see in the manual that this should work... or am I
supposed to know something that is not clear in the examples... ?

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