How to deal with pre-selected input fields.
To edit db fields in a table, I have a page that is basically the same
as an insert page to create entries in the db.
The table displays all the entries for a particular book that is
selected from a search page. From the search page results a link leads
to the edit page throught the page id (...edit.php?id=2435, for example) .
Here we already have a problem because the form action to PHP_SELF
cannot work; so there has to be some adjustment, like incorporating the
edit page into the search page.
Next, it should be possible to change the inputs, but how? I think the
use of sessions may prevent this - not sure - at present I get an
undefined variable error for categoriesIN. The categories are generated
dynamically from the db, but this does not work on the insert page
either... they must be hard coded (at least I don't know how else to fix
that). But if hard coded, then some code has to used to make the
selected entries (about 35 categories). And then, how to change them if
so needed?
Anybody have some suggestions where to look for a model?
It doesn't seem like a terribly difficult project, if you're pretty
proficient at this.
I have had some interesting suggestions; but it is difficult enough to
just learn php/mysql and then to learn other platforms like smarty (??)
seems rather challenging, to say the least.
Apprediate any input.

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