hi list...

sorry to post here, but i figured you might be able to help...

i'm working on a project, that deals with building a crawler, and i'm
working out the details for the mgmt app for the crawler. i'm currently
looking at how to deal with the status/actions of the crawler, and how the
different components of what i call a job would be compiled, and reported
back to the batabase.

i'm wondering.. is there anyone on this list that i might be able to email
with, talk to about this.. while i've got a few ideas, never hurts to be
able to talk/share thoughts with others..

thanks much!

 my methodology is that i create a batchfile
  (the batchfile consists of the underlying apps that do the crawling)
 each batchfile can be run by multiple jobs (as required)
 i'm creating the piece of the mgmt app that will track/manage the jobs
 i'm lookin at being able to track the health of the 'jobs' as they run

 i'm considering the 'actions' as well as the 'status'

 i'm thinking of:
        waiting to start

 status might have things like:
        success/complete (no errs at all)
        complete/errs (ran through all the scripts, but some had errs)
        failed (didn't complete all the scripts)

 i'm looking for someone i might be able to talk to, or exchange a few
ideas/emails with on this..

thanks much!

ps.. and yeah.. the web app is all in php!!!

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