On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 16:39:18 +0100, Richard Heyes wrote:
>> I have the following issue! I want to develop my website on my local
>> machine, and then upload the entire developed site to a production
>> server. What is the best strategy to do that?
>> I have been looking at a php mirroring script but that was about 5 years
>> old! Is'nt there a better/newer approach?
> I used to use rsync (with a bunch of options) whenever I did this.
> With you being on Linux, it would be trivial to automate it with a
> script.

And, if you don't have ssh access to the web server -- but rather, just 
ftp -- there's `ftpsync` which I use.  When Googling for `ftpsync` , 
ignore the windo$ hits.  There's a name collison there.  You want the 
linux program.

Be carefull with ".htaccess".  heh heh  Mine are different for the local 
machine -- mainly for testing and local lan purposes.  Now and then I 
screw up and upload an .htaccess from the local web server to the 
World-Wide-Web server.  Big snafu - that!  :-)

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