I have a demo to create for a tradeshow. We have 3 touch screens and 3 50"
plasmas and 3 G1 (android WiFi) phones. Our own LAN/Router/Wi-Fi. I need a
way so that I can use web pages and Flash (actionscript) to make stuff
happen on any of the displays/phones. So you click a button on the touch
screen and see something happen on the plasma. Or G1 interface application
triggers .flv on touch screen, etc. So I need some kind of messaging queue
over the LAN and that each CPU can both send and recieve? I could use mySQL
as an intermediary to store the data (like strings of text entered or
whatever and pass the record IDs around), or use some other XML/JSON/AJAX or
something. I just don't even know what I'm talking about really. Is this
what DBUS is for? It must work with PHP as we'll have web pages triggering
the .flv as well and of course ActionScript has to be able to work with it
(that's why I was thinking mySQL, AJAX, XML, etc.). 
Ideas? Suggestions?
someone was telling me about AMQP or RabbitMQ. But neither is PHP-ified that
I can tell.
...and I realize that PHP will run in a web page mostly and I'll have to do
some magic like polling something (like a daemon or DB) via JS/AJAX to see
if I need to pop-up an alert or whatever -- much like a bulletin board does
when you get new mail.
Step 1: get communication between all computers to work
Step 2: 
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